Overguard is a vehicle anti-theft device tied to your phone

Using cloud services tied to an internet connection, Overguard Anti-Theft communicates with a cloud server to determine if an unwanted or unauthorized occupant enters the vehicle using a motion sensor to trigger a silent alarm.

Product Information

Learn about what Overguard does to actively keep your belongings safe while you
are not around your vehicle at any time of the day.


Motion Detection

Overguard actively keeps track of its surroundings in your vehicle. We'll monitor the variations in movement and inform you when there's someone in your car.


Overguard compiles data from other customers in your area to adjust and prepare for risks associated with vehicle theft.

GPS Ready

When armed, Overguard knows your vehicle's current location, speeds and the person behind the wheel. Overguard respects your privacy. Overguard will not operate these features when disarmed.

Cloud Ready

Overguard is secure and reliable. Control your Overguard device at the comfort of your mobile device or computer. Wherever, whenever. Keep a record of all unauthorized entries and photos for your reference.


We're currently looking to test Overguard's capabilities soon. If you're interested in testing, sign up below.
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Our Services

Overguard provides a wide variety of core and additional features via our web service. Below are just a few examples of what you can do within the web service to keep your belongings secure:

Event Logs

View and manage event logs generated by your anti-theft device, complete with interior photos, GPS location and speeds.

Alert Authorities

Prepare a detailed report for authorities about the details of access events including speed, vehicle information, GPS and photos.

Neighbourhood Statistics

See an anonymous report regarding thefts in your immediate area and be alerted with a photo of a perpetrator when multiple break-ins are detected in your neighbourhood.

Remote Trigger

Remotely trigger your device to take a report of its surroundings. Take a photo and GPS signal of your vehicle from your phone or computer.

Mobile Notifications

Let Overguard notify you via SMS and/or email when someone accesses your device. We'll even call you if you want. No fancy apps or hoops. We support any flip or smart phone on the market.


Pinpoint your vehicle when you're within an active service zone to see special information about your vehicle and its security status.

About Overguard

Company information..

The Overguard Team

Overguard is actively developed by two software engineers. With a combined expertise in hardware engineering and software development, we've started Overguard as an aggregated product development idea in Essex County. Overguard's mission is to provide industry-standard safety and security of your belongings at a reasonable price. Overguard looks to keep development local with support of the community. We believe Essex County is an upcoming technological hub with great places to learn and invest. Thus being said, we're starting development in Leamington, Ontario.

Overguard for Business

Overguard looks to accomodate businesses who are interested in protecting their fleet. Overguard includes a full tracking suite available to businesses with a fleet of 10 or more vehicles. Please contact us at business@overguardinc.com for pricing and additional information.

  • Track fleet vehicles LIVE with speed and coordinates
  • Arm all fleet vehicles with motion sensor cameras to detect unauthorized access
  • Manage all fleet vehicles at the push of a single button
  • Fleet logs available for supervisors or management
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Overguard offers services for business and home at affordable prices.

Overguard Pricing

Pricing coming soon following our Bay Area test phase.

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